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Perhaps you don't remember what Legion said to Shepard during his LM: Which in a way makes his love, while different by our standards, totally valid. I would agree with you. The later was more complex and in a way Six and EDI shared the same existential crisis and played by the same person but of course, ME don't get writer's strike. That was the reason the Catalyst suggested Synthesis as a solution. I always discourage Joker and EDI from pursuing anything. Henry July 9,

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You said earlier that it's all just math, no chemistry, just assigning priority values.

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It is pointless, however, seeing as EDI is incapable of sexuality. Keep me logged in on this device. As long as he doesn't get her hair wet Curious about your post. EDI outright says herself that the synthetic equivalent of love is just a matter of assigning priority values. They may well form more than one definable "race".

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  • Jedidiah 6 days ago

    she used to be so hot,

  • Markus 14 days ago

    I hate all that damn moaning and whispering he does. He must think it's sexy, but it's not! He's clearly enjoying more than she is, and I don't wanna see/hear that.

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