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Zlata Faerman is a travel and lifestyle writer with "Zlata Thoughts. There was once a pottery that depicted a couple having anal sex while a mother was breastfeeding. The anus has a rich nerve supply, which can make things feel very intense and, for some women, result in an orgasm, says Dweck. Obviously, humans have been fascinated with this for a long, long time. In today's hypersexualized society, anal intercourse has somehow managed to remain a taboo topic. Stimulating the prostate can give a man truly amazing orgasms.

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A partner can access your G-spot by penetrating with a similar hooked angle toward the anterior wall of your vagina, whether that be with a finger, his penis, or a toy.

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10 Sex facts that will make you cringe

You can also stimulate that area by pressing into the perineum, or the space between his testicles and anus. You've to love a gal that can speak from experience right? This can cause painful vaginal and urinary tract infections. A must read before doing the deed But in all the years since our in formal education, what are some sex facts we don't know that might make us cringe? It's alright if it's not for you, but others do enjoy it. Hi there, thanks for your Hi there, thanks for your comment.

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fact about anal sex
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fact about anal sex
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