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But who is she talking about? Between that and Fisher's accusations of Ewok orgies, it all suddenly makes the later Star Wars films seem a little tame. For added effect, make her wear a gold bikini during foreplay. Encircle her waist with your legs, grab her upper thighs, and thrust away. Believe it or not, rough sex is a female sex fantasy.

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Try not to envision Jabba the Hutt while performing this move.

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At a recent convention, Fisher made some X-rated coments about robot sex and revealed why Luke and Leia really split up. With all the Chewie impressions and light saber noises in the air, you might find all the midichlorians in your bloodstream rushing over to the, uh, dark side. In the Star Wars universe, The Force is a metaphysical energy field created by all living beings. You guessed it, it's all a spoof. Instead, have your lady give you a five-finger orgasm by cupping your balls with one hand and sliding her other hand up and down your lightsaber in a corkscrew motion.

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