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The main goal of sexual intercourse is for the male sex cell sperm to unite with the female sex cell egg in a process called fertilization. DHT mediates the androgen effect in these organs. Human zygotes contain 46 chromosomes. Testosterone is the hormone that causes boys to develop deeper voices, bigger muscles, and body and facial hair, and it also stimulates the production of sperm. Print Science Mitosis and meiosis. Boys who have circumcised penises and those who don't are no different: Where does fertilized eggs attached to?

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Additional sexual stimulation may result in the propulsion of semen out of the male's body through the opening in the penis called ejaculation.

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Female gender is determined by the absence of a Y chromosome. What does semen provide to sperm? The genetic sex is determined by whether a Y bearing or next bearing sperm fertilizes the open; the presence or absence of a Y chromosome in turn determines whether the gonads of the embryo will be testes or ovaries; and the presence or absence of testes, finally, determines whether the sex accessory organs and external genitalia will be male or female. The masculinization of the embryonic reproductive structures occurs as a result of testosterone secreted by the embryonic testes. The vas deferens is a muscular tube that passes upward alongside the testicles and transports the sperm-containing fluid called semen. The epididymis is a set of coiled tubes one for each testicle that connects to the vas deferens.

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what is the male sex cell called
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what is the male sex cell called
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