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George tries driving with Carmen again, this time with more patience, but Carmen drives recklessly because Jason left her for another girl. When he finds him, he is shocked to find they have the same birthday, social security number, and father. Amy doesn't pursue Randy after this, suggesting she only was after him due to some kind of head trauma as she is accident prone. After Max skipped a test at school, he decides to not go to college, so he and George make a deal that if George goes to college, then Max will go too. He works on the assembly line at Power Bros. She only appears in Season 6 as a replacement for Masiela Lusha, who left the show at the end of Season 5. George tries to teach his niece the meaning of a dollar by making her work at the factory.

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Aviation is under consideration by the federal government for more business.

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George Discovers Benny's Sili-Con Job

While Angie is in the house, George feels terrible that he's been lying, but he is not the only one. This episode features a running gag where George keeps saying the neighbor's garden gnome looks like Benny; "Put my mom in a pointy hat and let her beard grow, they could be twins". Ernie agrees to foster Ricky, who is capable of managing multiple household tasks out of necessity—his mother is usually too drunk to do anything. The family plans to put him to sleep, but George promises God he would crawl on his knees up the cobblestone path to the Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico after Ernie tells him about a guy who did that and had his pray answeredif Mr. George stated Carmen and Taylor's friendship as "Carmen having her own Carmen. George and Angie find Carmen's diary and read that she's been dating Zack for quite a while; they also find out Carmen makes fun of George for his jerseys and Angie for trying to act younger than she is. When Angie's parents, Victor Palmero Emiliano Diez and Emilina Sonia Bragacome to visit the family for Christmas, George thinks they still believe that he is not good enough for their daughter, so he decides to show that he can take care of his family without their help and challenges Victor to a contest to see who can have the best Christmas.

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